• the wool story

Whether you chose wool because it is inherently superior to other fibers or due to its environmental attributes, wool is the natural choice for carpet and rugs. From its perfect luster, affinity for water and sustainable qualities, wool has it all.


Wool looks beautiful and feels great. In both natural shades and richly dyed hues, wool has the optimum luster level. It has enough sheen to reflect light and enrich color, yet matte enough to enhance subtle color and avoid glare.

Wool’s high moisture content makes it naturally fire-retardant. It is difficult to ignite, has low flame spread, does not melt or produce gas when ignited, and self-extinguishes. Wool is the carpet of choice for installations requiring stringent flammability regulations, such as aircraft interiors.

Wool is the ultimate renewable resource. Sheep produce the wool, which is harvested every year and annually renewed. There are no petroleum products involved. Wool is also biodegradable, with the potential to be used as a soil nutrient, after use. [See Environment]

Indoor Air Quality:
Wool improves indoor air quality; by their very nature, wool carpets and rugs are good for the indoor environment. This is because wool rapidly absorbs contaminants in indoor air, such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

Thermal insulation:
Wool is a natural insulator, providing warmth for a comfortable environment. Wool’s insulating properties are due to its physical structure. The fiber is made of overlapping scales, which trap air in pockets around the fiber, resulting in greater heat retention. Wool also maintains enough moisture to keep the relative humidity of a room constant, avoiding static issues.

Acoustical insulation:
Wool provides sound insulation, reducing ambient noise and creating acoustical comfort.

Shape Retention:
Wool maintains its shape; its natural elasticity allows wool fiber to stretch up to 40% before returning to its original size. This resilience helps wool both maintain its shape and resist crushing from furniture or foot traffic.

Stain Resistance:
Wool fibers repel water and stain due to a unique membrane covering its core. Water and stains remain on the surface longer, allowing the repelled stains to be easily removed.