We’ve got you covered. Whatever you need, however you need it, we’re here to design, create and build the masterpieces for your project.

Custom Create

It’s not just a heading or empty phrase, at RedRock, Custom Create is a meaningful process we use every day for our clients.

As skilled and knowledgeable technicians, we combine our experience, creativity, and passion to translate your ideas into the precise carpet or rug for your interior.

While RedRock offers a wide range of beautiful wool carpet styles, in so many looks, textures and colors; you may want something a little different. You may want a different color, a higher texture, tiny stripes, or a different pattern…etc., etc.

Creating and designing a custom carpet is not difficult. Designers at RedRock will work with you every step of the way.
  To begin;

Find a carpet, fabric, photo or other submit as the starting inspiration for what you want.

Then visualize how you might like it tailored for your interior.

To do this, you may gather swatches of other materials being used and imagine how you want the carpet to relate to these other interior elements. It may be as simple as pulling colors from your upholstery textile. Or possibly there is a material from nature, or a photograph with a feeling that you want to incorporate in the fabric of your room.

Share your ideas with your designer, and with the mill. We will look at the options we have to help you achieve your vision, in yarn, textures and carpet construction. (We may even have a sample in our archives that points us in the right direction.)

We will then present these ideas to you in an understandable format. After agreeing on a path forward, the mill can tuft a pilot sample for you to look at in your space. We are confident that together we can create the perfect carpet exclusively for you.