Installation guidelines

1. Carpet Inspection:
Check your carpet. Compare the carpet to your sample to make sure pattern, texture and color are the same. Check to make sure there are no visible defects before installation.
3. Seam Sealing:
All carpet edges must be sealed with a seam or edge sealer to prevent raveling. Carpet must be cut with sharp cutting equipment / tools in order to prepare a smooth edge for seam sealing.
2. Seaming Layout:
Review carpet seaming diagram. Seams should be placed in less visible areas.
4. Carpet Cushion:
Quality padding is necessary for maximum carpet performance. RedRock recommends their premium wool pad at 24 or 36 ounces or a quality fiber or urethane pad. Do not use wool pad in areas where moisture is an issue.


If there are any problems with your carpet that will prevent a quality installation, stop the installation and call:
RedRocks’ Customer Service Department: 770 949 5676.

Note: All warranties require proper installation and carpet maintenance. Claims for carpet cut and/or installed with obvious defects will not be honored.

For detailed installation steps refer to the Carpet and Rug Institute or Natural Fiber Institute guidelines:

CRI 105 – Standard For Installation Of Residential Carpet >
CRI 104 – Standard For Installation Of Commercial Carpet >
Natural Fiber Institute – Installation Guidelines for Tufted Wool Carpet >